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Windshield Maintenance

The smallest air pocket or crack can expand when the season changes, due to extreme temperature fluctuations. Slamming the doors on your vehicle creates vibrations that impact your entire vehicle, and, in time, can lead to windshield damage.

Your windshield needs professional, regular cleaning

Traditionally, people prefer cleaning their cars and windshields at home, with a good-old soapy mixture and a sponge. However, experts claim that this action, repeated, may damage the protective layer the manufacturer is usually applying on all windshields. A better alternative is visiting a car wash, where the cleaning process is done by using high-pressure foam pumps and high-pressure water pumps. This will maintain your windshield squeaky clean for longer.

Small cracks and chips can ruin your windshield

Leading experts in the auto glass industry claim that cracks and chips must be managed and fixed within 30 minutes of their occurrence, in order to prevent further damage. Due to vibrations created when driving, even the smallest dents and cracks can expand to dangerous dimensions.

TIP: If you can’t reach an auto glass repair shop immediately after a crack emerges, apply a piece of transparent tape over it–only as a temorary fix.

Windshield Wiper Blades


Front wiper blades fall into three main categories – metal framed, rubber-sheathed winter, and beam (or frameless) styles. They all have pluses and minuses when it comes to keeping us safe.

Metal-framed or skeleton-type wipers have the longest history in auto wiper blades and basically excel in only one area – cost. To be fair, if you replace them as often as appropriate, about 12 to 18 months, and treat them with care during de-icing, they can do a passable job for most vehicles in most weather.

Rubber-sheath blades are simply traditional metal framed units with a thin rubber sleeve attached to their skeletons. About the only benefit this adds is the ease of removing built-up ice or snow when clearing your vehicle before the hitting the road. Moisture can still get to the skeleton’s joints, leaving them as unbending as plain metal-framed blades.

Beam blades seem to answer many of the problems of the first two with a one-piece, flexible poly-material frame. They can adapt to aggressive windshield curves and aren’t subject to pivot or joint freeze-ups. They come at a cost, often priced at twice that of metal-framed units, depending on length. While their one-piece frames can outlast skeleton style blades, their rubber inserts have about the same lifespan, about 12 to 18 months.

Repairing Cracks in Windshields

repairing a chipped windshieldReasons to repair

Repairing a damaged windshield makes sense for a lot of reasons. Repairs save money by preventing the need for costly replacement, and in many cases, take only a few minutes.

Repairs to cracks and chips are also safe, as the glass is never removed so the original factory seal is maintained. With the rising price of modern automotive windshields and the high rate of faulty installations, repairing a chip or crack is a very economical and convenient alternative to replacing.

Factory authorized

It’s important for those owning premium vehicles like BMW’s, Lexus and Minis etc, that they visit a Factory Authorized glass repair centre that specializes in high-end windshield repair and/or replacement.

Free quotation

Getting a free quote means that you will know the cost estimate up front and the free quotation session allows one to ask any additional questions. Also, getting a quote allows one to plan and submit any necessary insurance claims.


Weather Stripping for Winter

old man winterGetting ahead of ol’ man winter

Weather stripping can dry easily throughout the hot summer months, leading to cracking and breaking. This may not seem like a big deal, but cracked and damaged weather stripping can mean overall window or windshield integrity is compromised.

Weather stripping can prevent a window from wobbling or tapping against the installation surface. When it’s gone, a window stands a fair chance of cracking or breaking if any significant wind resistance forces it to shift.

Taking the time to perform basic window care and maintenance now can save you on headaches, accidents and money over the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

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Spring Windshield Maintenance

Spring windshield maintenance.Lightly damaged glass and glass components like weather stripping can be repaired easily and cheaply as part of seasonal auto glass maintenance. Damaged glass or weather stripping presents a very real risk to the driver. Chips and cracks can easily turn into breaks and shatters as a car is driven in the the upcoming warm summer months.

Weather stripping can easily dry out, leading to cracking and breaking. This may not seem like a big deal, but cracked and damaged weather stripping can mean overall window or windshield integrity is compromised. Properly installed weather stripping prevents a window from wobbling or tapping against the installation surface. When it’s compromised, a window stands a fair chance of cracking or breaking if any significant wind resistance forces it to shift.

Taking the time to perform basic window care and maintenance can save you on headaches, accidents and money over the spring and coming summer months. Ensuring basic components are in proper working order is relatively simple, and can be done as spring warms up the air.

Making sure the glass itself hasn’t been damaged is equally important, and standard auto glass repair and replacement techniques can be used if you find glass damage. Call B&D Glass Ltd at 604-255-6383 or drop by and see us for a free consultation at 1488 Clark Drive in Vancouver if you suspect any dangerous glass issues with your vehicle.

A Brief History Of Auto Glass


The car windshield debuted in 1904. Constructed out of plate glass, it was flat and could be folded horizontally. Oldsmobile made automotive history in 1915 by including windshields as a standard feature.

Laminated glass was the next major development. French inventor Edouard Benedictus noticed in 1903 that the compound cellulose nitrate kept his beaker from shattering when it fell. By inserting a cellulose layer between two pieces of plate glass, he forged a much harder-to-break glass.

Auto glass improvements came at a rapid clip throughout the 1920s and 1930s. A special urethane started fastening windshields to frames more effectively. The Lincoln Motor Company began supplying police vehicles with bulletproof glass. And in 1934, Chrysler sold the first car with a curved windshield comprised of just one piece of glass.

Auto glass improvements since that time have included greater ranges of windshield visibility and a film that reduces infrared ray penetration.


In the future this type of glass will be laminated, which will make car rides quieter. In addition, recycled glass will become more common in vehicles, and self-cleaning windshields could be popular options as well.

black-ferrariMost exciting, sensors and other digital technologies like those used in modern fighter jets, will display driving directions and other pieces of information. Several auto manufacturers are already working on a smart windshield prototypes.

Since Auto glass will never fully take care of itself, car owners will need experts to repair and replace windshields. Call the fast, friendly and knowledgeable glass technicians at Vancouver’s B & D Glass Ltd at 604-255-6383 –to get the job done right.

Proper Procedures During Windshield Installation

windshield replacementSelecting a company that maintains best practices

It is often worthwhile to check on the procedures used by a particular company before making a final selection for your windshield repair. Some of the most important elements in proper windshield replacement include the following:

• The use of the right types of sealants and the removal of nearly all the old sealant prior to installation is essential to ensure a complete and durable bond.
• Technicians should wear gloves to prevent grease and oil from reducing the effectiveness of the bonding process between glass and your vehicle.
• The windshield glass and the surface to which it will adhere must be cleaned completely and allowed to dry prior to the start of installation.
• No gaps should be present between the molding and the glass, and the windshield should be even with the body of the car or truck.
• The windshield should be centered perfectly on the front of the vehicle.

A company that maintains best practices in its auto glass installation procedures is what I.C.B.C. looks for before they authorize the use of their logo –and you should too.

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Removing Ice and Snow From Your Windshield

Removing ice and snow from your windshield.To remove windshield ice and snow, you must have a mind for safety. The added stress on your windshield from the freezing temperatures can lead to disaster if you are not careful.

Before you get into your car, check to make sure no ice or snow is blocking your tailpipe. A blocked tailpipe could cause a build-up of deadly carbon monoxide in your car. Even if you think it won’t take long, take the time to check the tailpipe and prevent the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning in your vehicle.

  • Cold glass is under stress; applying heat too quickly causes more stress. Start your car and set the defrost and the fan to “low” to prevent the windshield from heating up too quickly.
  • Allow at least 5 minutes for the windshield to slowly heat up.
  • Use a plastic ice scraper and a soft brush to clear the ice and snow off of your windshield. If you allow plenty of time for your windshield to warm up, a scraper and brush should be sufficient.
  • Use a left-to-right sweeping motion to remove melted ice snow.
  • Make sure you use the edge of the scraper which is designed to remove ice and snow from glass surfaces. Use of other edges of the scraper could scratch or crack the windshield.
  • Be careful if you find you need to chip ice from the windshield. Excessive force can damage the windshield’s integrity and cause cracks or breaks.